The Moments: Madeline

In a moment when you've spent hours being ravished by wind and saltwater, there is truly nothing more sensual than a hot shower followed by Frédéric Malle's Carnal Flower After Sun Balm. The "Sea, Sex and Sun" vibes of Carnal Flower are strong; hinging on the white, waxy tuberose flower. Tuberose has a reputation both as a narcotic and aphrodisiac. Native to Mexico, the Aztecs believed the "Bone Flower" to remedy fatigue and protect a traveler from harm. The wanderlust of intrepid travelers brought the bulbs from the mountains of central Mexico to Europe and Asia in the 16th and 17th centuries. In Renaissance Europe, unmarried girls were forbidden from wandering through gardens after dark, lest they fall under the erotic spell of night-blooming tuberoses. This superstition traveled to India, where daughters were warned not to inhale the scent after sunset (although the flowers are highly valued in Ayurvedic medicine, thought to improve psychic powers and capacity for emotional depth). In the Victorian Language of Flowers, tuberose signifies "Voluptuousness and Dangerous Pleasures." Which brings us back to...Carnal Flower After Sun Balm. What's not to love? -KJ

Photographed by Jeff Hodsdon for


Carnal Flower After Sun Balm $95.00