Philadelphia Freedom

LADY Talk: As we coffee and paper our way through a recap of yesterday's DNC kick off this a.m., which featured a rock star line up of progressive politicos, we are struck by the impact of Authenticity, with a capital A. The clear winner of this Democratic Party primary season is the super-charged power of real ideological conviction. In a time when anyone with a phone can manufacture a following into the millions based on the manipulation of a lo-res photo and a caption, it was powerful to hear, lined up like a fireworks finale, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM— the real talk of Elizabeth Warren, Michelle Obama, Cory Booker and the Holy Grail, Bernie. We need school, we need jobs, we need money. It's not fair. That so many are responding is the power. And the streets respond. Buoying up the inner sanctum of the convention are the wildly individual carnival protests on the streets of Philadelphia. Everybody Street creator Cheryl Dunn rides a bike through the streets of Philly this week, the eyes for

All photos by Cheryl Dunn