OUR LADY: Stevie Nicks

"Does it look bad in the back? Does it look like it's falling out? Do you have bobby pins? How much time do we have to get ready?" These are the questions we ask. Thanks to our collective crystal ball, also known as YouTube, we can recline in our velvet shawls at night knowing we're in sweet harmony with Stevie Nicks. She asks the same questions! My own vision of Stevie has always been Yin and Yang. Sun and Moon. Silver and Gold. Virgin and Hooker. Beauty and Beast. Leather and Lace. As for her backstage dressing room routine, Girl Next Door getting ready to shake a tambourine meets Gibson Girl illustration, only twinkling in our dreams. Her makeup moves are really not so far-out...Shading in the crease, frantically digging in a little cosmetic bag like it's a rabbit-in-a-hat situation and something new will magically pop out, doing her stuff while spinning thoughts like, "Maybe this makeup is too heavy and I should stick to that 'pick one, dark eyes or dark lips' rule... What if somebody else, perhaps a professional geisha in Japan, could do it better?" Stevie's process is close to home, but also a 24-Karat Gold ethereal miracle machine. This fairy-tale gig belongs to Stevie, and she knows exactly what she's doing. Let's watch, learn, stick another bobby-pin in, and watch again. -Lizzie Brandt