OUR LADY: Sarah Sophie Flicker

Photos by Cheryl Dunn

After this most terrible dark turn, after we are stumbling and tear-stained and searching, for the sense of why— the bright stars show up clearly. They are the ones gifted with grace in challenging times who manage hopefulness better then we do. They step lightly into important places and remind us it can be done. Their actions make us try harder. They lift us up with them and carry us along and make it easy for us to see the path. 

We finished this election cycle thinking about a lady who has always been this kind of leader, but who has been exceptional in these last several months. She has been at it since we have known her, long before this tempest began. She has been nurturing a perennial garden of important, future-ensuring causes; gathering, influencing, including. She invites us in to her warm view of the world. She has that immeasurable grace of the gifted ones. She is Sarah Sophie Flicker. 

Everybody Street’s Cheryl Dunn spent the final days of the campaign with Flicker and her family & friends, canvassing in Philadelphia. Beauty is definitely in the streets. -SRW