OUR LADY: Lola Kirke

Photographs by Zia Anger

"She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning…” as well as “Lola” and “Lo-lee-ta,” Nabakov famously said of his transforming Lo. Our Lady Lo is like that too.

She is “Lo” to her glamorous family and her cabal of friends. She is Lola Kirke, actor, to the general public. She is occasionally Lolita, too. She is a feminist and a bombshell. She is a tomboy in sneakers and who swoons into a beautiful gown like a little girl. She is a femme fatale with radical underarm hair. She is the wildflower accepting a Golden Globe in a huge smile, a yellow evening gown, rubies, and bare feet. She is the actress who is so natural in her parts it is hard to equate one performance with another. 

She might sort your recycling if she comes over. When you arrive at her house, she might be naked, in big blue rubber gloves, doing an indigo dyeing project with friends in the backyard. She looks like an 80's supermodel, with a killer, boom-bada-boom walk, but she speaks like a college professor, smacking down about non-binary thinking and gender politics with total authority and a charming syllabant “S.” She has the focus and mental acuity of a Wall Street whiz kid, but she is an artist full stop.

She is an activist that smells like geraniums and patchouli. She is a careerist, and a wild bird always flying. She is the lady cat on an afternoon couch, playing guitar in a faded sarong. 

Today, she adds musician to the list with a new, self-titled EP and US tour. Listen to "Tomorrow Morning" (courtesy of Spirit House), and fall in love with our Lo.