OUR LADY: Alice Lane

Photos by Tamara Schlesinger

Many of us have dreams of escaping our normal lives and moving to the country, to the city, to the coast, to Europe—but very few of us make the leap and venture forward into a new adventure for our future. Finding the way to do this, while not completely rescinding our past, and creating a balance between all aspects of ourselves is very complex. When we look at our long-time collaborator Alice Lane's new life in upstate New York, we see a lady who has pulled this off with true elegance and chic. For us elegance isn't something contrived or costly; it comes from within, with thought and care. 

Yes, she's glamorous and beautiful, but this is tempered by the wisdom and knowledge she has gained as an independent woman working in New York. We've long been enamored with Alice's unconventional and kooky style, as well as her perfect porcelain beauty. Her work as a makeup artist was featured in the first story we shot for Lady Zero, and she also modeled in a story by Daniel Arnold for that issue. Living her life with total honesty, Alice moved to the city from England to assist some of the world's most famous makeup artists and has built her own successful career while also raising her son as a single mother. 

With a cackle and a grin, she openly discusses her failed love affairs, struggles, and the depression she found herself in while living in NYC, which led her to move upstate earlier this fall. Not so much running away from her problems but instead reshaping her life to one that eliminates her anxiety and provides her with daily joy. From her 1700s farmhouse she now travels down to the city a few days a week for shoots, while spending the rest of the time living a much quieter rural existence with her two cats and new puppy. Her always peaches-and-cream looks have sprung to life with the Catskills mountain air and zen pace, while her unique aesthetic fits right in with the long-running bohemian community of the town. Alice has never looked so happy, nor so beautiful. 

Just as upstate is the retreat of Alice's true self, so it is also our ideal Christmas retreat. From her homemade pompoms and the vintage Swiss ribbons she festoons the tree with, to her highly individual way of styling an evening gown with woodland moccasins, this is the Lady way to do Christmas—where it is about love and intimacy and quietness (yet also glamour and panache), over the raucous commercialism of the modern era. -LMH