Photos by Sofia & Mauro

Marshmallow is now available for weddings! We would love to help dress your bridesmaids (or even the bride!) in our signature deliciously soft and oh-so-pretty pieces. To learn more, reach out to our wedding coordinator at


A show of hands: Who has been a bride? How much time did you devote to the search for the dress? And the look, did you have a Dropbox or Pinterest page devoted to the many ideas you explored to make the final selections? And you got there didn’t you? As a bride this is the most public of the pressures, looking the part. How many times does someone ask you, “Did you get the dress?!?” We all want in on that pick. 

But what about the bridesmaids? The forgotten ladies. The chorus line of the nuptial world. We see you back there, ladies. We have been you! We feel that tightly stretched smile, hiding the “Oh my god, I hate this dress.” A day of being in front but not looked at—you are architecture, you are the linens on the table, you are the take home monogrammed cookies. Well ladies, we see you! 

So maids, what did you wear and how was it selected? How many links did you get? Was there a spreadsheet of options? When you finally wore it did you feel your best or was it a choice based on some kind of democratic subtraction? Never mind about storyboards for you all, let’s get more elemental than that pie in the sky. How about the dress you had to wear on a stage for hours, and be documented in, did it flatter you? Did it fit? Did you have to alter it? Have you worn it again? Did you have to buy a special bra? Where did you find it? Did you have to buy several to make it work? 

Now the shoe, the real budget-buster is always the shoe. Lord help us, finding a shoe a group of ladies can agree upon is in and of itself a miracle. 

The selecting of bridal party attire is an exercise in subverting one’s frank reactions into a CBD softened “it’s all good” and tucking into a day of often feeling at best like you are supporting a loved one on their big day. 

The tsunami of details brides have to address, with the most emotion provoking of audiences—one’s family—after all that, how does one rise to the challenge of dressing one’s dearest? We are just the ladies here chatting, so let’s just admit it. It can be a shit show and at some point along the way, there is often not a dry eye in the house. With so many feelings, bodies and budgets to consider, the answer is usually a reduction to least problematic. Just what we all feel great in, a problem solver. 

We, the ladies, have been all of you. We have been pregnant brides and hungover bridesmaids; we have been the sister of the groom bridesmaid; the bff maid of honor, too shy to toast; we been the sulky teen half sister bridesmaid. We have eloped. We have planned huge tented gingham engagement parties thinking we can manage the cooking when a freek squall blows in as guests are arriving. We have stood through weddings in chalets, backyards, cathedrals and the outer edges of Atlantic islands. We have been too poor to participate and too embarrassed to admit it. And we have been the ladies aiding and abetting the poor persecuted mother-of-the-bride. 

It seems to us, that there are solutions that can make this all easier. And we are here to help. We are happy to introduce Marshmallow Weddings, a bridal shop and consultancy. Our Bridal Shop will feature designs for the bridesmaids, bride, and even the groom that can all be custom ordered to fit the wedding aesthetic and all bodies perfectly. If all your bridesmaids want gingham skirts in the same color, we can do it. If all your bridesmaids want different necklines in a pastel floral print, we can do it. Our Wedding Ladies will help you finesse the prettiest group of looks for your bridal party, and we also offer an additional styling consultancy to make sure the bridal party is immaculate from head to (carefully selected) toes. Please email us at to connect with our wedding coordinator and learn more about having Marshmallow part of your special day.