Photos by Tamara Schlesinger

That persistent desire for an escape from the city. First it takes hold of many of us for just an occasional visit—a quick reunion with nature—then builds to the wish for a weekend home. The thought of a permanent move feels impossible, overwhelming—won’t we miss the culture, the energy, the chaos of urban life? Won’t we get bored? Lonely? Yet still we are captivated by the idea—having the space (physical and mental) to journey into ourselves and our creativity, to quiet our thoughts, to enhance the quality time we spend with our loved ones. Is it that elusive? That impossible?

For autumn we reached out to three women we know who made the leap. After years in the fashion industry, all have moved full time to upstate New York as single moms and each have developed their own approach to maintaining their careers from country idylls. A model, natural skin care maker and baker (with her company, Heaven on Main Street), Taylor Foster slowly transitioned to the Catskills over the last twelve years and only gave up her Manhattan apartment in the spring. Now settled, she inhabits her village home and the off-the-grid cabin she built in the woods a decade ago with a quiet elegance that evokes her time walking runways around the world. Blending her oils and mixing her batters, the bedlam of the city is forgotten—no longer needing an escape, she is in the moment, surrounded by cats and trees and flowers.