Photos by Alfred Eisenstaedt for Life Magazine, August 1969,

What do you wear if you are one of the most famous actresses in the world and you are introducing your new baby to the press? Well, if you are Sophia Loren you showcase your newborn in style, clad in vibrant solid turtlenecks. 

Born in December 1968 after highly publicized years of trying and three miscarriages, Carlo Ponti Jr. was the long desired scion of Italy’s highest profile actress and film producer. At the time Sophia told Life Magazine, “I’ve wanted a child for a long time. That’s all I’ve wanted. It’s my greatest achievement. It’s changed my life.” With a nursery set up in their 16th-century Roman villa (complete with giant stuffed giraffe), Sophia hid out from the world and her adoring public for the first year of her son’s life—taking him for walks around the grounds with his Swiss nanny, playing with him among the antiques. Inviting the acclaimed photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt into this intimate world, Sophia chose the immaculate simplicity of a turtleneck to pose with her child—in bright tomato red with matching stirrup trousers, an equally bright long yellow cardigan and a long rope-length necklace; a teal turtleneck with a black cardigan, black trousers and a headscarf—both looks accessorized with heavily made-up eyes and frosted lips. While these looks might be incredibly chic, they are also comfortable and easy to move in—unstudied, effortless and perfect for a busy new mother.

Are you inspired? We definitely are—Sophia is one of the many reasons we have produced our signature turtleneck bodysuits in a range of shades, from vibrant to neutral. Pull on one of these for some of Sophia’s sleek ease.