Photos by Tamara Schlesinger

Sometimes it is those that we least expect that make the jump. The people we find so urban, so cosmopolitan—those people who every memory of them brings to mind late nights and loud parties—sometimes they make the move out to the country first, surprising us all. After fifteen years modeling in New York and Paris, and the last seven of those raising her daughter in Brooklyn, Raquel Nave moved up the Hudson to a wooded magical glen outside a sleepy commuter town. Nestled in a forest, her home is all stone, wood and glass. A greenhouse for a bedroom. Multiple fireplaces. A pond. Can you see why she left the city? We can. 

 Focusing on her art (she is the process of putting together a new book of her photographs) and being a mom, the country is providing her much needed creative and restorative space. Prowling around her glass room in our new sleek Marshmallow leopard print turtleneck dress, Raquel has found her own way to be in the country. Elegant, spare, and engulfed in greenery.