Have you encountered a Marshmallow couple yet? The super soft, deliciously light weight sets of skirts and body suits we started our little Marshmallow world with last spring? 
At first glance our classic pairing looks like a perfect dinner out dress or hostess look, or every so gently louche, wink at the 70’s, yummy, wearable long dress for whenever. Full disclosure, Laura and I are 35 and soon to be 58, so generationally far apart. But we agree on many things about attire and one is we do both love a bit of a head turner of a look and do not exit our houses in gym clothes—short of an ER run—ever. It is also true that my son has had to suffer through an entire school career of “Oh god, why is my mom so dressed up” school pick-up looks, while Laura is legendary for turning up at 9 am in what any one other then her would consider an evening gown. But we feel that in those instincts is a need we all share. 

We all arm ourselves in the morning with a look that gets us through the day we face. That helps when facing an onslaught. Both of us face hectic days of self-employment and family responsibilities. Days that can include anything from being totally solitary to leading a presentation for an ad agency, flying for work, finessing FAFSA paperwork and visiting colleges, checking on the progress of a new factory upstate, moving art and walking the dog. Our Lady days for just our little tiny company requires we dress for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Upstate New York, Downtown LA, Topanga, Pasadena, the Desert, various coastal New England cities, Philly, North Carolina, Savannah, Florence and London. And we aren’t rich despite impressions to the contrary. We are working ladies. Full stop.
So that look we choose in the morning needs to pull us through a dressage of moments, complex, personal and public. It needs to be better then any dress already made, as Laura and I are both long time devoted promoters of vintage clothing and we know darn well how to get our hands on an epic look. But we belong to the time we live in and wanted to make something that reflected us. That maybe to some appeared to be decorative and soft, but in reality are utterly practical and frankly are workhorses. 

In these looks, only the wearer knows it is a pair of two very independent and capable pieces, worn as accomplices to great effect. Together our essentially sporty separates pair into an elegant and elevating synergy. The leotard, cut so thoughtfully, to celebrate the realities of one’s personal architecture and allow for long days of wearing in total comfort. 

Separately, the pair reverts back to their origins in modern practicality. The body becomes the perfect top, slim but not sausage-like, for jeans or a crisp tailored skirt (which we stalk at Marlene Weatherell’s in NYC) or a wonderful underpinning beneath a suit or men’s shirt and pleated trousers. Our clients know that that our T-neck body is the best and easiest, chicest layering piece, four seasons helpful, to wear for cool desert evenings or chilly beach days, on planes for business travel that side steps into a pleasure trip, for the myriad of ways we all live what eventually reduces to practically similar day to day lives.

The skirts are wonderful separate as well. I wear mine, full and sweepy usually, with flat-as-a-pancake Roman sandals and a skinny black petit Bateau T shirt or silky camisole by LFrank. Or paired with a beloved worn to the bone, Ricky Lauren worthy denim shirt and beat-down-to-nothing cowboy boots. Or thrown over a bathing suit, black maillot or bandeau, with cropped cotton knit cardigan, big floppy basket for bag and Dr. Scholl’s (which I seem to be entering yet another cycle of interest in, years after buying my first pair the drug store in Old Greenwich in the 1970’s). 

We set out with Marshmallow to make something that married the modern expectation of comfort and the universal day-to-day realities of our busy lives with pleasure. Starting next month we will be hosting a series of pop-up sales across the country and we can’t wait for you to come try these Marshmallow power couples in person. - SRW