Photos: Tamara Schlesinger

Model: Tallulah King

It is coming full on now. Even in the days that are still cold, we know it is inevitable. Spring is being pushed up through the very cracks in the concrete landscape of New York. It is the most reliable magic, which is somehow especially noticeable in the city. Nature is an unstoppable force, and that magic or fever or chemical effect is slowly releasing into the collective of the city now as we arrive upon the official first day. The faeries and the flowers are impatiently popping around the edges everywhere—the easement, the street trees, the blessed community gardens—all waiting for the overture to end and for their big moment, to be front and center, in full bloom. It was snow two weeks ago and now we are watching the 40’s give way to the 50’s. We aren’t naked nymphs exactly here, but we are ready. Watching the newly lengthening days, waiting for the first bike ride of the season. The first day at a café when the coat can come off and the sleeves pushed up. We are all animals after all, and the seasons are our mistresses. 

The two best seasons in New York, the classics, are spring and fall. And the Upper East Side, which we may have ignored at other times of the year, is our place. The park around the museum. The Frick. The Neue Gallery. Park Avenue. The Northeast corner of Central Park. The bookstore in Carnegie Hill. Long walks down 5th. Iced coffee for the first time of the year. The Times read outside on a park bench. Today we begin the new season with two native New Yorkers—the artist Tallulah King photographed by her mother, the photographer Tamara Schlesinger. This is why we made our little Marshmallow. To dress the people we love, to work with the people we love and to keep it simple. - SRW