Photos by Tamara Schlesinger

Pull a chair up near the fire. Gather a blanket. Wrap yourself up in silky lavender and your lover’s stare. A taste of hot whisky on your tongue. We’re inviting you to get comfortable. How relaxed do you feel? Maybe pull the bed close or lay a sheepskin on the floor. Snapped into a Henley bodysuit and zipped into a long straight skirt, lay back and feel the heat. Are you relaxed now? This is our invitation to take some time for yourself this January.

Maybe it’s just our own personal fantasy, but doesn’t the idea of a rural bolt hole complete with fireplace sound heavenly this time of year? Not to say that it’s necessary to wear this look—it’s pulled together enough for a work day, yet with a few snaps undone it’s just perfect for date night. We love it for romantic nights at home [no matter if it’s a downtown loft (like ours), a teeny flat or Raquel’s greenhouse abode].