Directed by Dewey Nicks

Along the sidewalks she bounds—that girl, with that smile and that hoop. Her energy incandescent, Isamar Gonzalez describes herself as a “mother, a hoopyogini instructor, a dancer, lover of art and movement.” She’s all these things and more. Music piping from a boombox erupts her body into a crosswalk dance—her grin infectious, her Marshmallow bodysuit and neat ultra suede skirt segueing perfectly from a ladylike saunter to a groove.

A dream of movement—flowing sensual, ecstatic motion. That’s how it feels stepping into Isamar’s Bed Stuy backyard and watching her hoop dance. So in tune, the hula hoop has become an extension of her body—the two joined, circling, swirling. This is her inner world, her meditation and escape from the busy streets of Brooklyn. The intimacy of her duet with the hoop has revealed secrets to her about her body and love and womanhood and creativity. The circle has become her portal to inspiration—through teaching hoop dancing to women and in after school programs, and in the form of the dream catchers she makes as art—as well as a gateway into a greater connection with her sexuality. Almost archetypally, through the round form of the hoop she regained touch with her femininity and became multi-orgasmic. Now seeking to share this knowledge with others, Isamar’s confidence and innate understanding of her body emanate from her and prove her to be an ideal mentor for the many of us disconnected from our own orgasmic potential.