All photos above from Vogue, 1960s

As much as we adore soft-focused flowers, sometimes we just want something a little different. Drawing on the graphic prints of the late 1960s, we’ve made a mini Marshmallow collection patterned with grids, chains, squares and vibrant colors. Strong blocks of colours, a bold geometry. It’s strictly a new math when these dresses are multiplied by little matching vinyl heels, oversized earrings and piled high hair. 

We’ve even thrown in one impressionistic floral for good measure, which lends itself equally well to the feel of a 1967 Irving Penn sitting for Vogue—bold colors against white seamless, a mini-length ideal for a leap across the studio in sky blue slingback shoes. While they are as easy to wear and comfortable as always, there is nothing of the wallflower to these Marshmallows.

Imagine a stark white gallery with a single Frank Stella—rainbow of colors playing across the wall, intoxicating, brilliant. Such is the effect these Marshmallows have.