Photos: Tamara Schlesinger

Makeup: Regina Harris

A bright sunny day, a dance. As someone with seasonal affective disorder, the long winters we have in New York City can feel interminable and debilitating. When that first full day of real sunshine arrives, there is an immediate loosening—the tension in my body slowly starts to release while my mood begins to pick up. Running out to do a quick errand morphs slowly into a long walk—meandering up the avenues, taking in the first buds on the trees, suddenly finding myself uptown and by the park. The desire to skip, to dance, to lose myself in childlike pleasures. 

With a Marshmallow dress like this (available in both sleeveless and long sleeve versions), spinning and twirling almost feel like a requirement. Luckily we had Djali Brown-Cepeda to try it out for us—as a trained yogi and African dancer, Djali moves always to a graceful beat. On the streets of the Upper East Side she glides, kicks and twirls; the skirt of her Marshmallow dress floating softly around her. Taking Djali as my inspiration for more joyful loving, I’m not just dreaming about skipping and spinning—I’m starting spring off with my own little (Marshmallow clad) dance. - LMH