Photos by Tamara Schlesinger

We love Alice Lane. She seems to ride the waves of her life so gently. She was one of us, a city lady, but she is a country lady now. She travels for work as a make up artist—on a mountain top in Switzerland one week and prepping for red carpets with her celebrity clientele the next. But when off duty she retreats to her snug house in the country where she lives our fantasy life of walks, painting, playing the guitar and mothering her mini pack of one wonderful kid and 2 dogs. Her world celebrates the most modern luxuries; time, nature, family and quiet. 

Her little house is currently a weigh station as she house hunts to buy, but her legendary whimsical style still winks from all corners. Floral enameled teapots, adult beds made up with Marimekko kids truck printed sheets and bright, patch work crazy quilts. Blue-eyed dogs and paint-by-numbers at the kitchen table. Always unpretentious, colorful and original. 

Years ago she was the first person we saw in crocs, encrusted with tiny kids charms, at a time when just cooks and children wore them.  For a long period she wore shocking white full coveralls with her electric red hair on set as a uniform. She next rocked kid’s fleece pajamas in whimsical prints with a fuzzy robe and nighties to set, and looked smashing always. In our first print issue of Lady she ran around the city wearing vintage 1970’s fur from The Ritz Thrift Shop over an ivory plissé dress and disco sandals, followed in hot pursuit by Daniel Arnold. Alice appeared as an actress in our little Lady IG film series in a filmette directed by Poppy de Villeneuve and we were all convinced she was going to forgo make up to become a movie star. Instead she moved to the country and we celebrated Lady Xmas with her decorating a Christmas tree with homemade pompoms in (still our favorite) red-and-white checked gown by Rosie Assoulin. She is firmly one of “the ladies.” Beautiful, complex, smiling and laughing come what may. 

We invited her to Marshmallow it up with us in our Fall collection. Here she is in mauve rose printed Marshmallow Kiss the Moonlight bodysuit and Love Finds a Way skirt paired with her own Minnetonka Moccasins. We are still so smitten. Isn’t she ravishing? Don’t you just want to get a house in the country and make roasted chickpeas and kale for supper and walk the dogs in the chilly morning too? We do. - SRW