Have you seen the original Karate Kid? We feel like our days can be very "wax on, wax off." Up, dress, work, home, house, family, dinner, dishes, bed, repeat. Where is our body in that list? Before anything, our bodies need a moment. To be thanked. To be appreciated.

What if we could all find a sliver of beautiful quiet every day? Let's call it a “Marshmallow Moment” because this moment should be sweet and soft, like a marshmallow. A moment for the head to let go, the body to soften and stretch, just to hover free from time. Eyes closed, weighted, effortlessly, peaceful, feeling this exquisite thing we all live in that does all the work for us. Look how beautiful we all are! We aren't sure how the assault on the female form began but we want to remind everyone that these bodies are luscious and giving. The real body, before anything, is a luxury we all possess. In us is the roll of the sea, masterful works of art, the very origin of the world. We are the possessors of marvelous flesh—our most super of super powers. Feed it, love it, honor it and it will give you pleasure and confidence. It is for you first before anything else.

Here is today's moment: It can be next to nothing. It is also free, so surrender. Take off the extra layers of the day and shift down. Soften the body with a few minutes of stretching, or even less. May we suggest our personal Lady favorite: Lie down, put your legs up above the heart, on a few pillows, a wall or slung upon a chair, and let the world go. Eyes closed, breath from the belly. Stay there for a few minutes at least. Maybe the length of a song. Get very up slowly. 

Today’s “Marshmallow Moment” stars Mara stretching in our Scent of Roses bodysuit and Love Finds a Way skirt. Ruffles and roses adding a blush of beauty from work to rest.