Lately we are smile collectors. Smiles don't cost anything and they are generous. They light people up, and the giver and the receiver both benefit from a smile. We ladies are big believers in doling them outliberally, daily, to strangers passing by, all people we meet in their (or our) line of work, all children, all elderly people, all parents towing kids, dog owners, quiet types, buskers, subway riders, our neighbors, our loved ones. Even grumps. They need smiles the most.

But mostly, we also smile at ourselves. We smile to shake off cases of taking ourselves too seriously, and to chase way our inner complainer (which is the vice we would most like to banish). We smile to give ourselves a bit of credit. We smile when we know we are beat.  It is such a nice thing, a smile.

Today we invited two Lady Friends who we consider “smile experts” to encourage the trend. Leore Hayon, the ravishing So-Cal Israeli/Moroccan/Italian beauty behind the blog and feed @thegirlhabit, who is the possessor of one of the warmest, kindest and most delicious smiles. Behind the camera is our dear friend director/photographer Dewey Nicks, whose legendary career we find ourselves referring to more and more lately. Nicks' reputation was made in the early nineties as a very young, very funny shooter who made all the beautiful girls of that era crack up then caught them all in the act of jubilant laughter and gaiety. His images have always been joyful, fun and conspiratorial.

Since Marshmallow represents beauty, joy and movement, Leore turned to what exemplifies those elements to heryoga. Performing her daily routine she forgets any problems of the day and leans in to glee. In overcast times, it is awfully nice to see happiness again.