The election is tomorrow. We have boots on the ground in Philadelphia. We have phone banked in Nevada. We have donated. We have exhausted ourselves with endless conversations of angst, starting at a privileged Thanksgiving in New York last year, a table of writers who told us what would be, so "Why bother?" That early resignation rankled us; the knowingness, that lack of idealism. Of course, they were depressingly right.  

We survived the powerful love affair that ended, in Capulet-esque, can never be, heartbreak. We learned to get on with it. We entered into a grown-up understanding of what has to be done, and we have done it for these past months, since the primaries chose these two candidates. We have lashed ourselves to the mast of this election through proverbial hell and high water. Many of us have already voted, and tomorrow the rest of us will follow.

It is not a happy experience for most of us, to see what we have become here in America. That we have allowed ourselves to be fed a steady diet of short format everything, that we allow our schools to not educate to a high bar of thinking, that we are dumbed and numbed, is manifested in this sobering view of us. We are living in an epic poem. How ironic, most Americans have never even read an epic poem.

We want this done now. We are about to enter an arranged marriage, that we know is the right thing, but no one can make us feel good about, even if the rightness is there. Our national attire is sober. We don't want to talk about fashion. We want the elemental, the physical, the essential. We want the people we love near us. We want the table set for a real meal we took care to prepare, candles lit, with serious, considered conversation about the children, their day, our day, about art, about love, about all things intimate, poetic and elevating.

We have no more caps to put on, and no more t-shirts to suggest. We are waiting for her, as agreed. Please go vote tomorrow. Ignore the flamboyance of the surrogate circus, which  feels terrible too frankly, take your children with you, stand in line with your community and show them the greatest privilege we have. The right to vote. -SRW