LADY Likes: Blue Velvet

There are days when a dress needs to carry us with great delicacy through the mighty currents of life. Might we suggest this one be your companion on such a day? A slippery, navy velvet Prada gown - not a gown in length, a gown in behavior. It is supple, almost a slip, it moves and shifts softly around the body. With a spindly pump, or a riding boot and nothing else; it says, “I am delicate and interior, but strong as steel. I have loved and been loved, at some cost, and I will again." This dress is the keeper you will never let go of, that stories and eras can be lived in. It is the dress in which you can inhabit a real life. Have a look. It is 10,000 times more wonderful on then off, so trust us, march into Prada and find her. She is waiting. -SRW