We all have the go-to friend who is the magic bullet of resource info. Forget the internet, these ladies and gentlemen are waaaaay better, AND they are totally interactive. Need to know the place to get the perfect thank you flowers in Chicago, a vegan birthday cake on one day's notice in Toronto, a box of chocolates in the shape of mice and penguins in Cambridge, the bookstore with the most knowledgeable sales staff, bridesmaids dresses that are survivable? They will know the answer.

It occurred to us that we don't use Yelp, we rely on these personal sources exclusively. We keep track of all the suggestions we cull, and have now started a listing guide which will evolve over time (with places we depend on), generated from these unequivocal recommendations. We will also happily take your supplemental suggestions via email, which we will investigate and add to the list where it seems warranted.