This is a little Marshmallow hello. It's a candy and flowers gesture from us to you. It is a celebration of soft. It is a shameless bouquet of our guilty pleasures: florals, pretty colors, matching everything, leotards and skirts, romance novel titles, dressing like a dancer and exercising like one.

The world feels nuts doesn't it? The news runs the gambit from hard to horrible. We are all juggling a tsunami of worries and burdens and we frankly needed an antidote. Here is ours. It is called Marshmallow. It is not a cure-all—it is simply encouragement and sweetness.

It is also a collective invitation from us, and a prompt. We love you all and we think you are beautiful.  As you are. That body you live in, with all its softness, is glorious. It is separate from your accomplishments, your education, your family, your bills or your bank balance. It deserves it's own moment every day, to have a slow delicious stretch or a solo dance in the living room. Just for the sense of enjoying it, the beautiful release from the weights of the day. Put a song on, one that lifts you up or slows you down, that connects the busy you to the you at your core. Pick one stretch or dance, and for the full length of that song give in to it.

Deliciously soft and pliant, Marshmallow is a reminder of the softness and stretchiness of life. No matter how complicated your day, it should always be possible to steal some time for yourself. Our Lady, Hayley Oakes, is a Pasadena-based midwife with a thriving practice aiding women in childbirth—always on her feet, she dons her Marshmallow set to glide easily between meetings, coaching calls with clients and stretching sessions. An invitation to pause—an invitation to wrap yourself in the utmost prettiness—an invitation to love your body: this is Marshmallow.